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Uncia Trails, founded in 2018, offers package tours, activities and hotels throughout India on both the Indian and international market. Our office is located in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

This adventure isn’t about change but it seems to be an inevitability.

For all the wanderers who want to conquer mountains. Uncia Trails is a Tourism company with best-customized treks and tours to various regions in the Himalayas. It was built slowly and organically over many years. The company also represents the friendship formed during all these adventures and treks. Our main goal is to explore and also preserve the natural beauty and species of The Himalayas.

Quick facts
The Uncia Trails offers discount and over 220 activities all over India. Our tours take in some of the most popular tourist attractions in India. On our various round trips, treks and you can combine a relaxing train journey with a bus and boat trip in beautiful India and mountain scenery. Along the way, you can add overnight stays in exciting locations and join in on lots of varied activities.

Our round trips are based on public transport such as Flights, trains, boats and buses, and we endeavour to ensure that they correspond in our timetables. There are Tours guides/tour managers on the tours, which are primarily designed for people travelling. We can also organize customized tours for groups on request.

Uncia Trails is a sustainable tour operator with high standards on environmental footprints within tourism. Our sustainability measures cover economical as well as environmental sustainability.

Uncia Trails offers attractive tours in spectacular nature-based on existing public transport systems. Key components in our tours are private vehicles and bike, minimizing the eco-footprint and maximizing the benefits of our tours. We cooperate closely with local activity-, transport- and accommodation providers, supporting them in creating long term economical sustainability within their community.

Uncia Trails has since November 2018 been a certified Eco-Tourism company. This is a Himachal eco-certification given to companies with a strong environmental strategy and that focuses on taking care of the environment in all the company’s daily operations.

Eco-Toursim is a Himachal’s most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.

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